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What Does the Protagonist Want? With each line of dialogue they distract me from basking in, the more frustrated I grow.

He focuses on comedy writing, but will do anything for money. Perhaps it resonates so strongly with me because it's something that's not only applicable to screenwriters, but all writers.

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And fall a lot. Watch the entire interview below.

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Download the script for The Social Network here for free. Following are the extracts from the video which is a goldmine of screenwriting advice.

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And also, in addition to the screenplay book, the producers of the movie and the studio, knowing this was my first screenplay sent me a bunch of screenplays that were current at the time. Be a student of film and television. Share it in the comments box below! All the while having a roof over their head and paying their bills. Related Share About Nathalie Nathalie is a story fabricator and storyteller at heart. This overlapping style creates drama and tension. So many famous people have great screenwriting advice. What's the best piece of screenwriting advice you've ever received? Keep your eyes ahead of you and stay on track. What Does the Protagonist Want?

The reasoning behind this is that writing is more like sculpture than anything else.

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