Animal experimentation is ethical and necessary essay

Animal experimentation is ethical and necessary essay

Cohen, Andrew and Wellman, Christopher eds. Some of the products must be first tested on animals to prove humans can use them.

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Nearly all of these suffering animals are adopted from animal shelters or are stolen. It is suggested by some of those who oppose animal experimentation that animal research should be abolished and that research done on humans ought to take its place Francione, This culture of care is achieved not only through strict regulations but also by ensuring that animal technicians and other workers understand and adopt such regulations.

The data collected by the Committee so far provides information about the overall reduction in animal usage that has been brought about by the efforts of researchers worldwide FRAME Reduction Committee, However, the development of direct replacement technologies for animals is a slow and difficult process.

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Animal experiments have led to finding new cures and vaccines to fatal illnesses

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Animal Experimentation is Necessary Essay