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Weekly Reports Want to keep tabs on how many people have been reading your writings? Teens drawn to the short story form can also submit their work for consideration in an annual issue that features a story written by a teen for teens.

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Grab your Thrive Themes membership which comes with over 10 premium plugins, Thrive online university and great forums for builders. It is a book, music and video site for those who want to publish their work. If not, where else have you found success? Further, Smashwords provides clear and easy-to-follow publishing guidelines and great resources that will help you get started like a pro. Meeting up with mainstream publishing companies for the never-ending negotiations over your manuscript can kill your morale to reach out to the audience out there. Generate shareable URLs. If you want to write a story and post it chapter by chapter online, go right ahead. A story that is posted this year and has reads will compete with a story that was posted in and has generated 5,, reads Stories now have ads Overall: I started reading on Wattpad in and posted my first story in These website are great outlets for all writers. A lot of the excitement of having a Pen-Pal is in the wait. Or do you think blue because that's the color of the sky? The challenge you will face is in the actual writing of the story.

Everybody else has already told you about Wattpad and Wordpress. You thought you wrote in the second chapter that the dying woman wrote a letter and put it in the mail, but you actually only put that she struggled to write it while in her hospital bed.

We don't completely appreciate how much data our brains just "fill in" as we go through the day. See you in the comments section.

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Kindle direct publishing. First, you will need to sign in to your Amazon account. Twilight, 13 Reasons Why, The Notebook Stories that rank in the top 1—30 in a genre do well and are very visible to readers New stories compete with old stories. Now how do you explain the letter showing up at her estranged daughter's office in the fourth chapter? Marketing, editorial, proofreading, just to mention but a few are some of the extra packages this self-publishing site offers. Not everyone can write a book starting at "Once upon a time" and then carry it all the way to "The End. However, if you had already published with Book tango, you can still log in to access your author account and royalties. A lot of the excitement of having a Pen-Pal is in the wait.

Though the idea and concept is refreshing, as of right now the site is not for me. Totally Anonymous Think Incognito!

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