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What are they good at and what are they not good at? Leave them alone and go for a long walk. That essentially leaves a window of roughly AM — AM in the morning for you to make sales calls.

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You can also use project management apps such as Traction Tools which is part of the EOS System or Teamworkwhich helps you manage multiple projects on a more granular level to hold the sales team accountable for incremental steps that will help you achieve your goals as the quarters turn into fiscal years.

So as you create a template, each goal should have a number of different approaches you can use to reach it.

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Your email will still be there when you get back. After you complete one task, you move to the next step. For example, increasing the rate of return customers is an umbrella goal.

Take a look at your internal data. A definitive sales graph example for any growing organization. You can create a chart or a bulleted list to organize all of these details so any staff member can take a look and see where the company is headed.

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