Critical analysis of safeguarding children essay

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Amie is highly exposed to emotional abuse from her parent, such as sly, snitch, cunning and using implement like shoes hitting her and the other siblings, which indicate a significant physical abuse. Working in partnership with parents is needed as working with parents is shown through the Children Act Law is used in order to legitimise society; children are deeply and permanently affected by the laws that are made and enforced by adults.

The below chart is a flow chart for refereeing allegations of abuse to the local safeguarding board 2.

Early intervention: informing local Goldson, B. The storing and processing of personal information about children and young people is governed by the Data Protection Actwhich states an individual has the right to privacy and for their personal sensitive details to be held confidentially. Carers who are seen to be of a negative light within society, this weighs heavily on each child, as each child depends on someone to look after them as they are vulnerable.

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Critical analysis of safeguarding children Essay Example