How to say hello in chinese writing alphabet

When you say these Chinese greeting phrases out loud, they sound too formal and rigid. Think of Pinyin as a "middle language" between English and Chinese with a familiar alphabet. How has been life recently? Just like every other country, Chinese etiquette has absorbed the very heart of Chinese culture.

All you have to say is the same thing back at the person! But did you know there were many other ways to say hello in Chinese?

hello how are you in chinese

The Chinese greetings here focus on this. If you want to learn Chinese, you definitely need to learn this useful word and if you are, this was most likely one of the first things you learned.

good morning in chinese

Greetings are always one of the first things someone learns when studying a new language. Not only will these basic Chinese greetings work in Asia, they'll be understood in communities no matter where you go.

At that time, people often thought about whether they would have enough food or not, and thus the thing people cared most about was if one was able to get food.

China has always been known for its long-cultivated history and culture. When Chinese people are greeting like this, they will usually shake hands with you; when you do, remember to lower your head a little and nod your head slightly to show respect.

You will encounter Mandarin while traveling in Beijingand because it is the "speech of officials," knowing how to say hello in Mandarin is useful everywhere you go.

thank you in chinese

These following expressions are used as often as their equivalents in English.

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How to Say Good Morning and Good Evening in Chinese