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Around the turn of the 20th Century, the Indian economy was passing through a relative period of stability.

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Indian banks are increasingly focusing on adopting integrated approach to risk management. Banks assets were also expected to grow at an annual composite rate of Two types of loans deeds have been recorded. Rising incomes are expected to enhance the need for banking services in rural areas and therefore drive the growth of the sector. The years of the First World War were turbulent, and it took its toll with banks simply collapsing despite the Indian economy gaining indirect boost due to war-related economic activities. It was established on 1st April accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, Commercial bank includes public sector, private sector, foreign banks and regional rural banks: 3. With entry of foreign banks, competition in the Indian banking sector has intensified. Phase I- Pre-Nationalisation Phase prior to 2. Financial Year '18 Public sector banks account for over Its proprietors were the owners of the earlier Commercial Bank and the Calcutta Bank, who by mutual consent created Union Bank to replace these two banks. It failed in

Deshmukh 11 August was the first Indian governor. Punjab National Bank was established expanding the markets by the s, Bank of India the year in in Lahore and the same Bank of Indiain Mumbai - both were founded under private ownership.

Grindlays Bank opened its first branch in Calcutta in We are like some old fashioned sailing ship, divided by solid wooden bulkheads into separate and cumbersome compartments.

And then later Bank of Hindustan was started. HSBC established itself in Bengal in India stepped up to 28th position on the government's adoption of e-payments ranking in Rural banking is expected to witness growth in the future.

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Banking industry in the pre-independence era developed with the Presidency Banks, which were transformed into the Imperial Bank of India and subsequently into the State Bank of India.

It holds the apex position in the banking structure. The report also constitutes that scheduled commercial banks served 34, banked centers out of which 28, were single office centers and 64 centers had or more bank offices.

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Four nationalised banks started in this district and also a leading private sector bank.

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Banking Sector in India: Market Size, Industry Analysis, Govt Initiatives