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And there is anyway a third, more altruistic path to consider: Modi could take a lead on the issue, forging a progressive and forward-thinking path on inclusion and tolerance.

He died in with an unfulfilled wish to come back to his home country, even if it was just for one afternoon. Read more on. This means, in principle, there is creative freedom.

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People blame some of this on the aggressive evangelising of Christian missionaries from outside the region. The destruction of the Babri Masjid by the BJP and its fraternal outfits in and the anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat in have provided a boost to Islamic extremism in India. Over the past three years, in particular, there has been an increasing sense that space for liberal discussion in the country is becoming narrower. It was only in January, after much debate, that the Central Board of Film Certification cleared the screening. The growing power of bullying self-appointed censors was also evident when a major publishing house agreed to withdraw from sale and pulp all copies of The Hindus: An Alternative History, by the US-based academic Wendy Doniger. The author has explained there is no historical evidence for the ritual, which was part of the oral stories that had been passed down through the generations. As Shashi Tharoor, an Indian politician and a former diplomat put it : We in India cannot simultaneously sell ourselves to the world as a land of pluralism, tolerance and Gandhianism, while promoting intolerance, communal hatred and minority insecurity within the country. Tolerance gives only one advantage: it allows creating more complex and more developed society, and developing steadily. If you have received it by mistake, please notify us immediately by reply e-mail and delete this e-mail and its attachments from your system.

Modi's roots as a member of the RSS -- the umbrella Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, of which the BJP is a political offshoot -- have left many assuming he shares the group's core goals of a Hindu nation with Hindu values, beliefs, and practices endorsed by the state to the exclusion of other faiths.

This formed part of a settlement after a group of Hindu conservative nationalists filed a case against the publisher. However, the screening was called off after the college received threats. Conclusion In the relationships between tolerant and intolerant societies or tolerant and intolerant culturesthere is always a possibility of violent destruction of the tolerant society by the intolerant one.

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Abandonment of secularism can only lead to more conflict and suffering for its people. The banning itch has become infectious. Some also accuse them of breaching the commonly accepted social and legal rules and norms. Criticism should not be equated with causing offence. Curricula under pressure In academia, one of the biggest controversies in recent years centred around an essay, Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translations , by well-known historian A K Ramanujan about different versions of the Ramayana, a religious text. Modernity is slowly moving in; but when it comes to freedom to speak about religion, reason has taken a backseat. On their account, in particular, is the destruction of West India churches on Christmas of , as well as the murder of Australian missionary in January One of the reasons frequently assigned for imposing a ban is that it hurts the sentiments of a certain section of people in society. This position is explained by the fear that the UK might become overpowered by minor ethnic communities.

To make a [Muslim], therefore, to abstain from cow-killing under compulsion would amount in my opinion to converting him to Hinduism by force. With growth of terrorism in the country, the air of suspicion is still increasing. Related Content.

A man in the village across the fields laughed at the sound, "She does not frighten me. Rub your eyes, and read those three sentences once again.

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The caste Hindu majority feel justified in this stance as they feel that in the attempt to build secularism in India, the needs of the majority have been left out over the more than half century since Independence in We welcome your comments at ideas. Flipboard Books that show a tolerant India has always existed, as have bouts of intolerance We take you through excerpts from books that highlight tolerant India, and those that explored attempts to quell the intolerance. It was not a settlement but surrender by Mr. A fresh spurt in attack on churches was seen in Karnataka after BJP was voted to power. He died in with an unfulfilled wish to come back to his home country, even if it was just for one afternoon. This has been shown by repeated incidents of threats, assassinations and lynching, along with the banning and burning of books. One of India's founding fathers and pious Hindus Mahatma Gandhi understood this well when he wrote about beef, more than six decades ago: "No one probably experiences a greater agony of the soul when a cow is killed. A man in the village across the fields laughed at the sound, "She does not frighten me. Does India need more religious tolerance? Modi's first priority, the theory goes, is the growth and development he promised on the campaign trail. Despite its mix of different religious groups and traditions, Indians have generally enjoyed a healthy, tolerant society. A section of this article appeared in the summer special report of the Index on Censorship magazine, focusing on academic freedom. This article was originally published on The Conversation.
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