Mind body debate searle vs descartes

Physical objects and their properties are sometimes observable and sometimes not, but any physical object is equally accessible, in principle, to anyone.

Descartes mind body dualism essay

Outside such a theistic framework, the theory is incredible. Foster , —9 takes the former path. The equation is so good that it even incorporates our reaction to the equation, our reaction to knowing that it incorporates our reaction, and so on indefinitely. The criticism has been made by Jennifer Hudin that causality is itself observer-relative. Such criticisms have led some thinkers to abandon dualism in favour of various monistic theories. Mills says that this argument is invalid, because a physical event can have features not explained by the event which is its sufficient cause. Because of this, unlike in the case of water and H2O, one could not replace these terms by some more basic physical description and still convey the same information. Thus, in the physical universe my encounter with the snake involves only physical stuff with no mental experiences taking place. Genuine property dualism occurs when, even at the individual level, the ontology of physics is not sufficient to constitute what is there.

When I presented this argument in lecture to Searle, he replied in the following way. At some point the physical data about the snake triggers my conscious sensory perception of the snake. Various of Descartes' disciples, such as Arnold Geulincx and Nicholas Malebranche, concluded that all mind-body interactions required the direct intervention of God.

By having only a one-direction interaction between a brain and its spirit mind, epiphenomenalism indeed solves half of the problem: there is no downward flow of data from spirit to brain that needs to be explained. As for the allegedly attendent problem of explaining how the causal link works, Searle has solved the problem for me with his threefold reply to Nagel.

Each of these mental experiences are ways of representing the world.

Mind body debate searle vs descartes

In the first place, the relationship between the micro-level and macro-level of the spark plug firing is identity, whereas the relationship between the mind and the brain is that the mind is causally dependent on the brain, but not identical with it. Goetz eds.

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