Non audit services nas issues and effects

Furthermore the majority of the sample believes that non audit services reduce the costs of the audit firms, this disagree with Abdel Khalik.

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It is also among the few studies that investigate private firms in a code law country and complements prior evidence from Germany that is restricted to listed firms.

Salmon, I.

Non audit fees and auditor independence

Auditing vocation as a whole has been badly blamed for the collapses and changes were being proposed to ensure that audit firms reduce their over-reliance on NAS The Star, The reason behind this disparity might be the lack of knowledge of some of the respondents about some recent requirements in the audit standards. The prohibited services are: a Maintaining or planning the company's accounting details; b Organizing the financial statements or the info that forms the basis of the financial assertions that are essential by the company and; c Preparing or originating source data root the company's financial assertions. Regulatory bodies should consider that key threats and benefits of auditor-provided NAS decrease with stronger exogenous restrictions. Harmonization of Independence Standards for Accountants around the World. In addition to that auditors believe that non audit services neither affect compliance with the quality control procedures nor do not affect maintain a level of competence in audit. Safeguards to independence Independence is a prerequisite for fairness of financial statement. Accordingly, the proposals specify certain NAS that, if provided by an accounting firm with an audit customer, impair an auditor's self-reliance.

The third result has suggested that non audit services do not adversely affect audit quality. Results from frequencies have shown that the majority of the sample agrees that auditor abide with independence principals, attain the appearance of being independent and that non audit services are unlikely to jeopardize independence.

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Framework for Auditor Independence. Joint provision is not prohibited by the standards and the decision whether to provide joint services is left to the auditor consent. Predicated on the standard group evaluation, Arrunada showed that cost savings gained from the joint provision of audit and NAS will be transferred to customers as a decrease in price in both marketplaces, and also that the provision of NAS would 'direct result in an upsurge in customer- and firm-specific possessions', where firm-specific resources would 'always have an optimistic effect on freedom'.

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Glazer, A. The suggested guidelines would bring the benefits of sunlight to the auditor freedom area by necessitating companies to disclose in their total annual proxy statements certain information about, among other activities, the NAS provided by their auditors and the participation of leased staff in performing the business's total annual audit.

It is evident from the result that auditors comply with the audit standards and attributes.

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According to Defond et. Dunfee, T. Salmon, I. Results have also shown that according to auditors' perceptions independence is not impaired by non- audit services however there are some areas that are controversial and need to be addressed. Results have shown that almost all auditors have agreed upon certain perceptions concerning independence requirements and disagreed on others. Literature survey has been conducted by reviewing available literature. The results imply audit opinion is dependent on the quantity of NAS fee. Schroder, M. Auditors must adopt mandatory rotation of audit firms and audit staff. There is not a single set of standards that is followed by all auditors. As for other non audit services they are not provided frequently. These include; high knowledge and ethics of audit team, good knowledge of the client environment, strictness on completing audit steps, audit fee immaterial to audit firm and consulting service is provided.

Siegel, A. It has been found that auditors are less likely to qualify reports when higher levels of non-audit services are provided.

Non-audit services and auditor independence

P Goldman, A. The market in Sudan is a multi- service market. Safeguards to independence Independence is a prerequisite for fairness of financial statement. The majority of the sample has agreed that non audit services do not affect the timely communication of policies and procedures to the audit staff or monitoring the compliance one yearly with the professional regulations. Magee and Tseng note that while contingent fees are explicitly prohibited by audit criteria, clients can create contingent fees by withholding profitable nonaudit services when the auditor will not allow the client to report its preferred financial condition. The proposed amendments have the result of restricting issuers from purchasing certain NAS of their auditors. Sikka, P. The third result has suggested that non audit services do not adversely affect audit quality. This precludes engagements that are designed to cause the exterior audit firm's special knowledge, experience and experience being used to support the audit client's positions in adversarial proceedings. Carcello, J.

P Goldman, A.

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