One language one nation

Students avoid going to other places for education and research due to lack of understanding of local languages. However, I never really understood its importance until the summer of when I went on a missionary trip to Mexico. When assessing the usefulness of the nation historians must examine how others have defined the idea of the nation.

History of National Language in post-Independent India Having gained independence from the British inthe leaders of the new Indian nation recognized the opportunity to unite the many regions of India with a common, universal language.

National language policy was to create a national identity and to facilitate national integration. The lines dividing languages blur very easily. Nations also politically control themselves autonomous self-governance and establish institutions government, economy, education, labor, health.

But the term the nation-state is much more than that, the hyphen in the middle of the term is what links them. This is nothing but careful application of game theory and policy of divide and rule in political realm.

It is indeed surprising to know that people are acting unknowingly to anti-national policies and if they introspect they will find that how wrong their stand is towards the issues created just for political advantages.

The multi-language scenario described above is roadblock to the progress of this Nation and what use is of single nation when there are so many hurdles to relocate to other parts of India.

one language one india

France only achieved a real degree of linguistic unification after the Second World War, revealing the limited ability of the state to impose its will in matters of language.

I had never been to another country, so I was unsure how to act, dress, or blend in with society. Hindi is already used in most states at-least as their second language and undoubtedly it is far more spoken language in India whose teachers are abundant and which is phonetic too.

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One Language, One Nation?