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Table 2. They concluded that private hospitals deliver better services than public sector hospitals. Table 3.

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Of the participants, Patients aged 18 years or older were allowed to participate in the study, and their responses were calculated and analyzed.

Maximum patients cannot discriminate among the caring presentation and the curing presentation of doctors. Service Quality in the Health Sector Health services are unique in identifying new challenges. Similarly, when a researcher has a specific question or goal in mind, it can sometimes be difficult to identify secondary data that is valid for use, as the data might not have been collected during the timeframe the researcher was hoping for, or in correct the geographical region, etc.

If a researcher sets out to perform a study with a very particular question in mind, a secondary data set might not contain the precisely specific information that would allow the researcher to answer his or her question. Ethical approval for the research project was obtained from the institutional review board.

Although the entrepreneur would not be collecting the data his or herself, census data includes information that could greatly benefit the entrepreneur, such as the average age, household income and education level in a particular geographical region.

Ware and Snyder 55 state that although technical quality has high significance among patients, most patients do not have the information to assess efficiently the quality of the investigative and relaxing involvement procedure or material needed.

According to those authors, this model depicts the consumer side of service, focusing on the magnitude and direction of each gap. The former studied service quality in Combined Military Hospital CMH and private and public sector hospitals and found that CMHs and private hospitals were a source to meet patient requirements due to timely treatment and other facilities, whereas later two studied public and private hospitals with the dimensions empathy, tangibles, timeliness, responsiveness, and assurance.

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Benefits of Using Secondary Data Analysis for Your Research