Should voting age lowered 16

Also, why do you believe in votes at 16, but not at 15?

disadvantages of voting age should be lowered

We are also capable of incredible intelligence and accomplishment. For that reason, Montgomery can offer assistance in at least 46 languages at the polls. Code Cong.

should the voting age be lowered to 16 essay

Why are young people held up to a higher standard than everyone else? In every state, it is possible for a case to be transferred out of juvenile court into adult criminal courtand in certain states all crimes committed by and year-olds are automatically transferred.

People under 18 have also participated in politics by forming Political Action Committees, managing campaigns, advocating for our rights in front of legislative bodies, and becoming grassroots activists.

Why is the voting age 18

Lowering the voting age will provide them with a direct, constructive and democratic channel for making their views felt and for giving them a responsible stake in the future of the nation. Young people are expected to follow the law, but have no say in making it. On top of that, voting for the first time can be intimidating, especially without any formal guidance. If you think about being 18, many of them are starting a new job, maybe moving away for college, maybe having their first serious relationship. Code Cong. A detailed study of voters' ages and habits in Denmark found that year-olds were far more likely to cast their "first vote" than year-olds, and that every month of extra age in those years resulted in a decline in "first vote" turnout. I also even argue that year-olds may be in a better place in life than year-olds to start voting. Howard: But and year-olds, who would be put on the rolls, are mostly still living at home. For example, in the first municipal election after Takoma Park allowed year-olds to vote, those who were under 18 voted at over 10 times the rate of those who were between 18 and One, filed by Massachusetts Rep. Today, lowering the voting age continues to have wide support. I would argue that this logic is flawed, as if we were to follow that rule an argument could be made to go further than just

This would encourage young people who are engaged to have representation and hold politicians accountable to issues affecting young people. Instead, you rely on the part of the brain responsible for dispassionate reasoning, which matureson average, in the mid-teens.

Effects of lowering the voting age to 16

This transcript has been edited for clarity. Voting is a habitual act — people who vote in one election are more likely to vote in the next. And if you were to join the armed forces at 16, you would spend your first two years in training and at an army college; you are not legally allowed to be deployed to a battlefield until you turn And yet, disenfranchising people simply because we disagree with them is not considered a serious position, unless that group happens to be disenfranchised already. Whether it is forming political groups at school, organizing protests, or using social media to express our opinion, young people find a way to become involved in politics. On the first, analysis of the election found that there was only a very modest increase in turnout among under 24s, and turnout by year olds may have actually decreased compared with However, both Patrick and Kawashima-Ginsberg point out that there's another effective way to build good civic habits that does not entail extending the franchise: allowing teenagers to become poll workers. Thanks for watching! This is why we should not base the vote on engagement as you suggest.
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Should The Voting Age Be Lowered To 16?