Strengths ontological argument god s existence

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According to Davies, Malcolm's use of the word tells the reader absolutely nothing about the subject and relies heavily on the readers supposition of God's existence Jordan et al Brian Davies criticised this argument by pointing out that it simply suggests a God is possible and not a physical actuality.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Ontological Argument Advantages There is no need for empirical evidence to prove God's existence.

Russell: Anselm makes the Ontological Argument into an intention when really it is only a extension.

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All language is specific and idiosyncratic. So does the theist unless s he believes in Zeus. Plantinga: He starts his argument with a scientific hypothesis and so avoids the immediate problems associated with existence as a predicate and the rejection of the definition- is he only delaying it?

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Anselm, an Archbishop of Canterbury, first proposed the Ontological Argument in his book 'Proslogian', according to Anselm, both theists and atheists have a definition of God, if only for atheists to dismiss his existence.

The argument is intellectually stimulating and logically satisfying.

Strengths ontological argument god s existence

This certainly further describes and adds to our understanding of the Greatest Conceivable Being — for what cannot not exist is not only that than which nothing greater can be conceived but that by which everything else that conceives can conceive. However this is not to say that it has a physical existence. As it is clear none of us can truly know Alex, neither can we know God. If the multiverse theory is proved correct then Plantinga's argument becomes mathematically and logically sound. The multiverse theory only says there is more than one universe not an infinite number and thus not an infinite number of possibilities. A strength of an a priori argument is that if you accept the premise then the conclusion must be true as it is logically necessary. This becomes acutely apparent when celebrity scandals hit the headlines.

This is not limited to imaginary beings: if you know someone, you only know them relationally.

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Article: Strengths of the Ontological Argument