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After Walmart, it is the second-largest retailer in the world measured by profits and second-largest retailer in the world measured by revenues.

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European journal of operational research, 3 , The local companies can provide profound market knowledge which can help in improving performance in such regions. These costs have also increased as other industries that provide inputs for this company also have suffered from increasing fuel prices, thereby charging more. The decision making is highly centralized, and decisions by teams need to be approved by certain officials. This means that it has more people leaving the job, and as a result, it is spending more on training and development as employees keep leaving and joining. Perform in-depth market research and market analysis before entering a new market to avoid failure and losses. In addition there is still opportunity to develop Tesco brand in Asia and other international markets. Poor operational performance in specific markets — Few stores and grocery outlets of Tesco are not performing well in certain countries. Big opportunities are on the Internet as Tesco is trying to meet the needs of the customers. Obtained several international awards — Due to its successful commercial performance, Tesco has achieved several awards. WO Strategies Finance ownership of the property through low interest rate to increase the proportion of owned property to rented property W1, O5. Regulations on international trade keep changing, and this requires compliance by companies if they are to operate globally. Interest rates are low, which provides an investment opportunity for large projects. Swot analysis of Tesco Recommendations Tesco has a huge market potential in the grocery industry.

Also creating brands like Tesco value or Tesco finest that is targeted to desired group of people that can afford it to buy in Tesco. Inflation: The inflation rate has been low and is expected to remain low in the next two years. People are often not appraised for their performance.

swot analysis of tesco

Interest rate: Lower interest rates than compared to previous years provides an opportunity for Tesco to undergo expansion projects that are financed with loans at a cheaper interest rate. This reduces the effectiveness of promotional messages by Tesco.

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It also faces cash flow problems. It also has a strong asset base. The exchange rate has been devalued.

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And plus to everything, I want to recommend insistently to a company management that they should be very careful in case of implementation of new technologies and strategy.

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Tesco SWOT Analysis / SWOT Matrix