The popular game of afl football in australia

The AFL attracts the highest amount of spectators of any sport in Australia and the fourth-highest attendance of any professional sport in the world with an average of 33, people per game. For this to happen the ball must be placed in the palm of the hand and then the ball struck with the butt of the other hand clenched into a fist.

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Rugby league arrived years after the First Fleet, in a city that had developed without Melbourne's planned grid of roads or green space, both crucial to the development of football in the southern capital. So what makes Aussie Rules so popular?

Country zoning was introduced in the late s, and while it pushed Essendon and Geelong from the top of the ladder, it created severe inequality during the s and s.

The popular game of afl football in australia

No single group was large enough to impose its tastes and prejudices. No other game, in no other Australian city, generates this level of enthusiasm from followers of suburban teams. Workers on the city's building sites and in the small factories of the inner suburbs finished their shifts at midday on a Saturday and joined clerks, police officers, judges and politicians in the commute to the football. Players can tackle opponents to try and win back the ball. Australian Football is a contact sport, in which players can tackle using their hands or use their whole body to obstruct opponents. Since the introduction of the set playing time — 80 minutes divided into four quarters — there has only ever been one game that lasted more than one day. In this cosmopolitan setting, football was the social glue that bound the disparate tribes. In Sydney, it is 65 per cent, with the Chinese the largest ethnic group. After a goal has been scored the game will be restarted with the same way as at the beginning of the game.

Credit:Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria Aussie Rules was unusual from the outset because it was embraced by all classes. Simply by using their club assigned 'Promo Coupon' when they check out on PlayAussie. In football, by contrast, "all was vivacity from start to finish".

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