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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Without such a desire, it is difficult, if not impossible, for constituents to sanction representatives.

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These problems, it argues, can be resolved by answers analogous to their counterparts in the philosophy of language, without rejecting the platitude. However, there are various ideas regarding how language is used to represent the world, including reflective, intentional and constructionist.

All aspects of a media text are representations, either deliberately created by the producers or dictated by culture, affecting the ways in which an audience may perceive a media text.

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If this requirement is not met, the constituency needs a credible sanction mechanism that can be used to induce the representative to act according to the interests of the constituency. The representation of the female character in my film conforms to the idea of the male gaze but also subverts the expectations of women in the s.

However, with that being said, I also represented the female character as being in a higher position of power than the male character, as she utilises her sexual attractiveness in order to seduce and manipulate him.

This representation of the femme fatale allowed the audience to see the female character in a more sexualised manner.

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First, representatives must believe that they are obliged to behave according to the preferences found in the constituency or to have the same interests as their voters. Comments One must also recognize the amount of excellent work Blumson has done in order to, precisely, produce a very systematic, well-articulated and well-defended theory. This is called the negotiated meaning, as one representation may create different meanings for different audience members. An impressive list of objections is answered in an impressively detailed and rigorous way. This is typically done within British soap operas, where media language is utilised to give the appearance of reality so that the characters, locations, and events are all familiar to the audience, thus making the genre more engaging for them. On the contrary, film noir often tends to represent the world through a cynical perspective, focusing on the sinister side of reality, with the audience not necessarily being able to relate to this representation of the world. This original and fruitful framework enables him to reconcile the widely held assumption that depictive representations are grounded in resemblance with the view that they are elements of symbolic systems. For the female character, the focus is placed upon her sexuality, whereas the focus of the male character is his masculine characteristics patriarchal values, appealing to a heterosexual male audience. Stuart Hall described representation as the process by which meaning is produced and exchanged between members of a culture through the use of language, signs and images which represent certain things.
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