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We followed the forest ranger on tip toe and as we emerged into a small natural clearing in the forest, we stood right in front a huge mountain Gorilla.

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London to shop and see theatreParis to see where she should have studied if she took the scholarship from Parsonsand the most important place: The island of Fyn in Denmark. I went as a guest of the World Tourism Forum which was a 4-day conference. And I got the best room mate I could have ever wished for.

Lena Tachdjian Get to know her: Lena Tachdjian is a certified nutrition practioner who has a passion for traveling, writing and journalism.

A trip down memory lane essay

May these moments on the road continue. I have never felt more awed, free and alive than I did that night in Paris. On this trip, we extended our trip and made our way out to the Derawan islands. Favorite memory: Waking up to a picturesque sunrise! She aims at delivering expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories, and timely travel news to feed your passion of seeing the world. The views were spectacular, the air was crisp. Travel is Therapy There is no denying that traveling teaches you things you cannot learn in a classroom. Traveling presents you with knowledge and experience about places and diverse narratives. Apart from the beauty of the landscape, what made it so special was that it was a moment 10 years in the making. Through her blogs, she shares her travel experiences and tips for survival on the road. It was raining a lot and strong wind was slowing me down. The orphanage, on the outskirts of downtown Arusha in Tanzania, was hidden under a bumpy dirt road and painted in a friendly pale blue. In fact, the mayor was holding a meeting in the side room. It was there, on the very top, that my adventure loving partner decided to propose to me. Every evening watching the sun set by the pristine waters has its own charm.

There are people who can fill your home with memories in a neat, clean and minimal way. We were there for work, teaching English in the local high school, and we were delighted to find that it was in the middle of wine country.

A trip down memory lane essay

No one bothered me, and I stayed until the very last metro train to take me back to my hotel. Favorite memory: The last chapter of the journey! An amazing set of visual memories! A moment that filled my heart with happiness, and hers too. This staircase deposited us in a dark vineyard: we followed the vines to a gray road a couple of hundred meters away. It was the same man who suggested me to return to Basar for the night. Cancer made her realize that life is not forever and that she needed to start enjoying it. After hiking about eight miles, we provoked each other to take a swim in one of the waterfalls. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. Annette White: Get to know her: Annette White is a serial adventurer and the creator of an award-winning travel blog. The modern day tourists surf artistic travel blogs, which have become a major source of inspiration for many who want to explore the crevices of this glorious world.

I could feel my heart racing at the thought of being in water with these massive animals. Jacob threw his fins on and jumped right into the water.

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An amazing set of visual memories! Startled I looked up and found myself holding hands with the Dalai Lama. Here are some of the best crafty ideas to make your travel memories more vivid and enduring! She grew up to be exactly that. The one positive thing that came out of her cancer was that I was able to give her that dream. The modern day tourists surf artistic travel blogs, which have become a major source of inspiration for many who want to explore the crevices of this glorious world. Favorite memory: The magic school bus! The driver told us that Bame is still 6 kilometers from where we were. The bus driver urged us to get in and told us he would take us to a beautiful spot that we would appreciate in the morning. I totally fell in love with Banff! Buy them here.

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