What is a dystopian novel

Dystopian governments also ban activities that encourage individual thinking. David Zarley 2.

6 elements of dystopian fiction

I certainly do. On the other hand, utopia is a perfect world — exactly opposite of dystopia. By proving a completely perfect society is not possible - showing the awful results of what happens if the goal is social perfection rather than incremental social improvement - dystopia shocks the reader into accepting humanity's flaws as ineradicable and thereby working toward a better society rather than an ideal one.

Powerful words about the power of the written word. Wellswhose work The Time Machine is also widely accepted as one of the best prototypes for dystopian literature. With the increased use of technology, the need for a human work force decreases, leaving them with a great deal of depression.

Teen readers can certainly relate to those feelings. A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. The latter is set in the aftermath of nuclear war, "a post-nuclear holocaust Kent, where technology has reduced to the level of the Iron Age ". I wonder what kind of world my children's kids will live in.

Even in the face of totalitarianism, humanity will find a way to rise from the ashes and just maybe get things right.

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The Appeal of Dystopian Novels for Teens